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50% Energy Savings at Nichirin UK.

Nichirin UK Ltd based in Manchester manufacture components for the automotive industry.

Energy Survey

A compressed air generation system audit was undertaken.

Data logging analysis identified that the existing equipment was inefficient compared to the latest air compressor technology. All three 22kw air compressors within the existing system were fixed speed machines and over 10 years old.  The compressed air demand varied throughout the day depending on production requirements and consequently there was a significant amount of inefficient un loaded compressor operation.  Air compressors consume approximately 25% power when operating unloaded and not supplying air to the system.

The Solution

An Atlas Copco GA30VSD+ air compressor was installed which utilises variable speed technology. This means that the compressor will only consume the power required to meet the air demand which eliminates unloaded compressor operation.  A constant pressure could be achieved slightly lower than the original system pressure.


Atlas Copco GA11 to 37 VSD+
Atlas Copco GA11 to 37 VSD+

The Result

An Atlas Copco GA30 VSD+ air compressor replaced inefficient fixed speed air compressors and enabled a reduction of system pressure. The compressed air generation  power consumption was reduced by 50%.

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