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Compressed air generation costs reduced by 50% at Dura Automotive.

Major Energy Savings at Dura Automotive

Dura Automotive is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of driver & seating control systems, structural body , integrated glass & exterior trip components for the automotive industry. Customers include VW Group, Ford, BMW & Jaguar Landrover etc.

Full Energy Survey

When the company wanted to optimise compressed air efficiency a full energy audit was undertaken. Data logger and flow meters were installed to determine the efficiency of both the  existing compressed air generation system and the distribution system.

Pressure analysis revealed that there was a 2 bar pressure drop between compressed air generation and point of use. Consequently the generation pressure had to be artificially elevated to overcome the pressure drop and achieve the pressure requirement at production equipment.

Lowering the generation pressure would equate to a 14% energy saving. However to achieve this, the system pressure drop had to be eliminated.

The Solution

The survey identified specific areas where pressure drop was an issue and subsequently the distribution system was modified with the installation of smooth bore aluminium tube. This type of pipe work ensure low pressure drop and it is quick to install and simply to modify.

Airnet Pipework Atlas Copco GA90 VSD air compressor
  Typical Smooth Bore Tube          Atlas Copco GA90 VSD


An Atlas Copco GA90 VSD air compressor replaced inefficient fixed speed air compressors. This combination of an energy efficient pipe work system together with variable speed drive technology enabled a 2 barg reduction in compressed air generation pressure and eliminated in efficient un loaded compressor operation.  

The Result

Compressed air generation costs were reduced by 50%.


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"These cost savings as part of a wider energy efficiency programme have amounted to around £10,000 per month across the whole site."

Martin Dinsley, Engineering Manager, Dura Automotive.