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Snack Food Manufacturer achieves "Drive to 5"

A local snack food manufacturer based in Skelmersdale meets Group directive to achieve 5 barg distribution system operating pressure.

Distribution System Survey

When the company wanted to minimise compressed air system operating pressure a distribution system survey was necessary. This involved creating schematic drawings of the system and undertaking pressure mapping to identify localised pressure drops within the system.

Reduction of distribution system operating pressure can only be undertaken if the pressure drop across the system is eliminated. Generally, compressed air generation pressure is set to overcome pressure drops within the distribution system in order to deliver the correct operating pressure at point of use.

Although there was minimal pressure drop between the compressed air generation equipment and the ring main investigation revealed significant pressure drops between the ring main and production equipment / production areas. In some areas this amounted to 2 barg.

 Lowering the generation pressure would equate to a 14% energy saving. However to achieve this, the system pressure drop had to be eliminated.

The Solution

Atlas Copco Airnet pipe work was installed which has inherent low pressure drop due to smooth bore tube construction. This eliminated the pressure drops within the problem areas. A combination of 50mm, 40mm & 25mm Arnet pipe work enabled the distribution system pressure to be lowered to 5 barg. Atlas Copco Airnet pipe work is quick to install, simply to modify and adapts well with all types of pipe work systems such as galvanised steel, stainless steel & copper.

Airnet Pipework Airnet Pipework
Typical Smooth Bore Tube   Quick to install & easy to modify

The Result

Compressed air system operating pressure was reduced by 2 barg to achieve “Drive to 5”. This delivered an overall energy saving of 14% with a return on investment less than 12 months.

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