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Air Dryers

So, why would you want to dry compressed air? Generally, people asking this question have probably never had a compressed air dryer and they are used to lubricating their production machines with oily water.

They would probably have exceptionally high machine component failure rates, high product spoilage, excessive pressure drop across the compressed air distribution system because it's full of rust and leaks. Air tool bearings would constantly need repairing and air filter elements would regularly need changing because they're blocked.

Perhaps they don't realise that these maintenance costs are excessive, as traditionally they have always paid them, and that the compressor has to work harder consuming more power to overcome the pressure drop and leaks within the system.

However they can see that their electricity bill is huge and they need to do something about it.

Drying compressed air can save a lot of energy, improve product quality and increase production efficiency.


Refrigerated Dryers

A refrigerated air dryer cools the air going through it to condense water vapour. The water is then drained from the system. Water vapour will not condense within the compressed air system pipework unless the temperature drops below 2 degree C. So, they're great for indoor applications.

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Desiccant Dryers

If you have external pipe work where the outside temperature can drop below -12 degree C or you have a critical application where compressed air comes in direct contact with food or food preparation surfaces then you'll need a desiccant type dryer. It may not be necessary to dry the air for the whole system as this can be expensive. Point of use air treatment could be a simple solution.

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