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Atlas Copco AirNet Pipe Work System

The smooth bore aluminium pipe work has a low pressure drop and is 100% leak free. The anodized system does not corrode and therefore can maintain performance over time.

Smooth bore tubes have greater flow rates than traditional steel tubes. For example a 50mm AirNet tube has the same flow rate as a 3" steel tube. 80mm tube has the same flow rate at 6" steel tube.

As aluminium tubes are exceptionally light weight compared to steel, building loadings are considerably less which is an important design consideration for new buildings.

It's extremely flexible in that it is easily modified. It only takes minutes to add a ball valve to any part of the system, and although light weight it is extremely robust and quick to install.

When combined with valved zoning, it is an exceptionally cost effective method of reducing air demand. Why supply air to production machinery or part of a system which is not in operation? You are just feeding the leaks!

Atlas Copco Airnet Pipework

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