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Leakage Management

Leak Detection

Air leakage is the largest single waste of energy in most factories and leakage rates up to 50% of site consumption are common. Incorrect pressure control combined with leakage can account for 70% of the total energy consumption.

AB Compressors believes that the best method to reduce leakage is by a combination of leak detection and remedial repair however combined with effective pressure control. Without effective pressure control repairs to the system raise the system pressure which causes additional leaks to appear in other areas. In other words, fix a leak in one area and it moves somewhere else.

AB Compressors can provide a leak detection service, quantify the leakage costs and provide a solution to help prevent the reoccurrence of air leaks. Our leakage management vehicles are equipment with all the necessary pneumatic fittings & equipment to repair approximately 95% of all compressed air leakage encountered within a compressed air distribution system.

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Valve Zoning Systems

Supplying compressed air to production areas or individual production machines when they are not in operation is just feeding the leaks. At 7 barg a ¼" hole in a distribution system leaks 108 cfm. That equates to 18.5kw and over 2000 hrs at 10 ppkwhr costs you £3,700.

A valved zoning system consists of pneumatically controlled automatic isolation valves. Individual or multiple valve combinations are possible operated by a timed controlled system or directly wired into the on/off switch of production equipment.

Leakage is eliminated for the period production is not required. Pay back periods for these systems are generally expressed in months rather than years.

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