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Written Scheme of Examination

User/Owner of a compressed air system shall not allow it to be operated The Scheme must include pressure vessels, pipe lines and all protective devices.

Scope of the Written Scheme is defined by Competent Person who must have Incorporated Engineer Status with appropriate indemnity insurance

Pipe work: Pipes, valves, pumps, compressors, hoses, bellows, other pressure containing components to be included if :-

1. Mechanical integrity is liable to be significantly reduced by corrosion, erosion, fatigue & other factors
2. Failure resulting in the sudden release of stored energy would give rise to danger

The WSE defines the air system, out lines what where when components in the air system have to be examined. The scheme must be regularly reviewed and modified as appropriate.

AB Compressors are qualified to provide and certify Written Schemes of Examination. We follow the recommendations for Written Schemes of Examination as outlined by the British Compressed Air Society.

All written schemes comply with BCAS standards and include a schematic drawing of the compressed air distribution system.

Schemes are underwritten by an Incorporated Engineer holding specific insurance for this purpose.


Find out more at the HSE website

or Download HSE Pressure Systems Leaflet >>